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Small first steps can make a big difference

ESOS assessments carried out in the manufacturing sector have highlighted that energy efficiency can often be improved across industrial compressed air. Andy Jones, managing director of Mattei, talks through some practical first steps.

Finalist in Motion Control Industry Awards

Mattei’s Xpander – finalist in Motion Control Industry Awards

Mattei is pleased to announce that its cutting-edge energy saving Xpander prototype, which converts waste heat into electrical energy has been selected as a finalist in the Environmental/Energy Efficiency section of the Motion Control Industry Awards which is to be held on Tuesday 12th April 2016, at the National Conference Centre near Birmingham. Read more...
Mattei TO EXHIBIT the world’s most efficient single stage rotary compressor at AIR-TECH 2016

Mattei TO EXHIBIT the world’s most efficient single stage rotary compressor at AIR-TECH 2016

Rotary vane compressor manufacturer Mattei will be displaying the world’s most efficient single stage rotary compressor, alongside a selection of other energy efficient compressed air solutions, including some innovative prototypes, on Stand AF140 at Air-Tech 2016. Read more...
Mattei has acquired Winton Engineering

Mattei acquires vehicle mounted power solutions provider Winton Engineering

Rotary vane compressor manufacturer Mattei has acquired Winton Engineering, the vehicle mounted power solutions provider.

The acquisition will enhance Mattei’s range of specialist engineered products, which include transit-related solutions for the rail sector and the hybrid and electric vehicles markets, and will broaden growth opportunities for Mattei’s global team. Read more...
The highs and lows of specifying compressed air

The highs and lows of specifying compressed air

Incorrectly specified equipment can substantially short-change you on the performance, cost and energy saving potential of your compressors. Here’s why using standard and low pressure systems appropriately is so important… Read more...
Air compressor stator

Vane versus screw compressors – which wins?

On today’s market, you have a choice of two main types of industrial rotary compressor – vane and screw. Although both are designed to produce the same output, they differ considerably in terms of energy efficiency. Here, we give you the low down... Read more...
Andy Jones

Compressed air: why we need an official accreditation scheme

In UK manufacturing, compressed air is as widely used as gas and electricity – and yet there are no legal training or accreditation courses to protect the people using it. While the risks of gas and electricity are widely understood, anecdotal evidence suggests that the same cannot be said for compressed air. Read more...
Top ten tips for working with compressed air

Top ten tips for working with compressed air

When it comes to ensuring a new air compressor installation is as effective as possible, it is essential to seek the advice of a compressed air specialist. Here are our top ten tips to make your compressed air system more efficient, more cost-effective and as safe as possible. Read more...

ISO 11011: what it means & why you should adopt it

You may have heard of ISO 11011 but what is it? And how does it affect you and your business?

Introduced in August 2013, IS0 11011 contains a framework for the assessment and auditing of compressed air systems and will help standardise the energy audits offered by air compressor manufacturers and compressed air equipment suppliers.

Rotary-vane design makes for highly efficient compressors

Rotary-vane compressors turn up the heat on screw designs

Advances in the technology behind rotary-vane air compressors continues apace. Meaning these machines, rather than screw designs (the conventional market leaders) could be the best compressors to produce your plant’s industrial air.

Fixed-speed vs variable speed – which for your business?

Solving the fixed speed vs variable speed conundrum

Do you know your demand for industrial air? And how meeting it in the right way can make your business more profitable?