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Mattei’s Xpander – finalist in Motion Control Industry Awards

Mattei is pleased to announce that its cutting-edge energy saving Xpander prototype, which converts waste heat into electrical energy has been selected as a finalist in the Environmental/Energy Efficiency section of the Motion Control Industry Awards which is to be held on Tuesday 12th April 2016, at the National Conference Centre near Birmingham.

Mattei’s Xpander is designed to work with air compressors of 50-100kW, the Xpander recovers heat from hot compressor oil, which is ordinarily cooled by a fan, and converts it into electrical power. It can produce 3kWe, which can be fed back into the compressor. When the Xpander is cooling the oil, the compressor’s normal fan cooling system can be turned off, saving a further 2kW. The overall improvement in the specific energy efficiency of the compressor is around six per cent.

The MCI awards saw a very high standard of entries for its inaugural 2016 awards programme. All submissions were assessed and judged in February by the MCI Awards Judging Panel, which consisted of representatives from the sponsoring companies, the press, as well as independent experts from across the motion control sector.

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Finalist in Motion Control Industry Awards