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ISO 11011: what it means & why you should adopt it

You may have heard of ISO 11011 but what is it? And how does it affect you and your business?

ISO 11011

Introduced in August 2013, IS0 11011 contains a framework for the assessment and auditing of compressed air systems and will help standardise the energy audits offered by air compressor manufacturers and compressed air equipment suppliers.

Its main purpose is to encourage businesses to assess their compressed air systems via companies that carry out energy audits in line with the new guidelines – and to subsequently take the recommended actions to reduce their energy use.

What are the benefits?

For some years, responsible compressed air equipment manufacturers and suppliers have been offering customers energy audits as part of their service offering, along with data logging exercises and leak detection surveys.

Prior to ISO 11011, there was a lack of industry standards and guidelines, so energy audits would vary. Individual manufacturers and suppliers had to decide for themselves how to measure air compressor energy consumption, and what recommendations to make to their customers.

With the arrival of ISO 11011, manufacturers and energy suppliers should now all be offering similar advice and carrying out the same assessment and auditing procedures on a level playing field. Like-for-like energy audits can only be of benefit to the customer, and should make it far easier for them to decide what action to take.

Why you should adopt it

Compressed air systems don’t always run to their best potential, with the following all affecting efficiency levels:

  • Incorrectly specified equipment
  • Leaks
  • Poorly sized pipework
  • Long distances
  • Excessive bends and fittings
  • Improper use

Unfortunately, the amount of energy used by an air compressor isn’t always considered, even though compressed air is widely used and is actually regarded as industry’s fourth utility. It’s likely that the vast majority of businesses don’t know how much compressed air they use, or how much it costs them – or even if their air compressors are appropriate for their production processes.

We would strongly encourage you to see the value in assessing your compressed air usage within the ISO11011 standardised framework – particularly before you invest in a new air compressor. Not only will this deliver energy savings and a reduction in your carbon emissions, it could also be of benefit when trying to demonstrate your environmental credentials to your potential customers.

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